Bio:  Debbie Ferrell

Current Positions:

Owner, Vines of New York Art Gallery (the fourth gallery of natural art in the world)

Executive Director, Enrich Geneva (nonprofit to promote arts & culture in the New York Finger Lakes)

Editor in Chief, LOCAL Magazine (seasonal publication connecting nature with the arts)

Mother of Two

Artist in all Media

Published Writer (poetry, short stories, fiction novels & historic nonfiction)


Bachelors of Arts, University of North Florida, Elementary Education with ESE and TESOL  endorsements, Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Quadruple Major in Literature/Writing, Architecture & Design, Elementary Education and Wildlife Preservation


Taught elementary education in arts-based schools in poor & disadvantaged areas for 7 years, creating the curriculum in every subject area, Lead Teacher in performing arts school, doubled Florida test scores in writing & mathematics

Created Vines of New York Art Gallery in October of 2021, supporting local artists and displaying their work

Started LOCAL, the new magazine to benefit small businesses and connect the arts and nature with our community